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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Yusef doesn't believe in the DNA-based soul of Julius Schumacher.   For Yusef, the soul is the same one that many of us are familiar with from the monotheistic religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.   An eternal soul that is nourished by faith and – we hope - goes to heaven after we die.

But, as Yusef explained one night to Eusebio, that soul was being destroyed by the values of our 22nd century society – what they call the Age of Denial.   Not destroyed by genetic manipulation, but by mass spiritual starvation.   A genocide of the soul.


Here's how Eusebio remembers it:

"You know, Eusebio," he said to me softly, "a genocide can occur on different planes than the gross, physical plane of Toboism or Nazism.   During the Age of Denial, the Western societies began their own genocide, which PEPS is completing now.   The genocide of the soul.  

"Their entire society was a concentration camp where the soul was kept in chains.    You couldn't hear it.   You couldn't see it.   There were no pictures of starving, skeleton-like figures staring out at you from behind barbed wire.   But that's exactly what was happening to each person's soul - strangled, starved, left to wither away.  

"Eventually, as the children turned into adults, the soul became too weak even to be heard.   It might call out, from its corner, in a tiny voice, "Help me!   I'm hurting, I'm starving, please help me!" but the voice was drowned out by the daily combination of video games, business meetings, schedules, rules and regulations.  

"There was no place left to hear the muffled shrieks of the soul as it lay, dying of starvation, in the corner.   It was, Eusebio, genocide on a grand scale.   And it was one that never made it to the history books.   Everyone just kept going on with their lives, fixed smiles on their faces and emptiness deep inside as their souls finally gave up the struggle for survival and withered away into nothingness."

© 2010 Jeremy Lent. All Rights Reserved.

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