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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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In the late 22nd century, it’s the d-humans who rule the world. They’re the ones deciding whether we Primals should be allowed to continue to exist or not.

How did the world get there from here? Is it realistic to think that in less than two centuries we could have evolved ourselves into a different species?

Explore these questions further by clicking on the links on this page.

What is a D-human?

Actually, there are 3 different kinds of d-humans: d1, d2 and d3. Harry Shields and Naomi Aramovich are d-3 and they look like pretty darn perfect specimens of human beings.

A bit soulless, maybe, but who’s complaining?

Click here to understand the stages that our human race took to become a different species.

Click here to see how the d-humans took over the world, continent by continent.

Two human species.

OK, so some people will become genetically enhanced in the future… but could our human race really bifurcate into two totally different species, and so quickly?

Click here to see how the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest in our global society is already beginning to split us into two different species.

Nature 2.0

During the PEPS hearing, Harry takes Eusebio and Naomi to a late 22nd century wildlife reserve, where the d-humans recreated the awesome creatures we Primals drove to extinction in the 21st century.

But Nature 2.0 comes with a catch. Click here to read more and to find out how we’re already dealing with some of these issues in our own century.


Well, there’s nothing in a d-human future that involves any brand new technology – just further development of current technologies and gradual shifts in our values over the generations.

Here are some highlights on the state of current technology and ethical thinking on human genetic engineering:

Genetic engineering’s already here… and it’s already being used on humans

The slippery slope to designer babies

Ethical issues around “designer humans”

Transhumanists – a 21st century precursor to the d-humans

Check out the Future Articles from prominent publications to see how we get from here to the d-humans of the 22nd century.

Browse Useful Links on the Road to D-Humans to see for yourself the path that's currently being laid.

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