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Prefrontal Cortex

Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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What, you may well ask, does the prefrontal cortex – one particular part of our brain – have to with the Primals, the d-humans, and the human soul?

It was Dr. Julius Schumacher who first gave a leading role to the prefrontal cortex in his interpretation of human history. Not surprising, since Dr. Schumacher was the founder of neurography – the mapping out of human thoughts – and the person who located human consciousness, which he called the CONDUCTER.

Eusebio learned everything he knew growing up in the Humanist community, founded by Dr. Schumacher’s followers. So, he came to understand human history the way Dr. Schumacher saw it. And this helped him along in his intellectual sparring battles with Harry Shields during the PEPS hearing.

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