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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Dr. Julius Schumacher was one of those very rare individuals who won the Nobel Prize not just once, but twice.   The second Nobel Prize was for the discovery of the source of human consciousness.   Julius called this the CONDUCTER.

Alison, Julius' ex-wife, who accompanied him to Stockholm for the award, explains:


"I'd still see Julius from time to time.   Our love for each other remained, like radio signals sent between two different planets.   Neither of us re-married.  

I even accompanied him when he received his second Nobel Prize, for the discovery of the CONDUCTER as he called it – the 'COgnitive Network Directing Ultimate Control Through Electronic Relays'."  


"Julius hadn't been content with mapping out thoughts.   No, he wanted to find where in the brain was the author of those thoughts.   He finally realized that consciousness was, in fact, a continuous relay between different centers in the brain, centers in a never-ending discourse with each other, agreeing, battling, allying, debating with each other in an interminable neuronal relay race.   The CONDUCTER.  

This was Julius' in-joke because, in fact, his CONDUCTER proved that human consciousness had no orchestral "conductor" waving a baton.   It played its music more like a free-form jazz band."


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