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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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 There are a lot of terms getting thrown around by the late 22nd century which don't mean a whole lot to those of us living in the early 21st.  This glossary helps, along with links to the relevant places on this website.


The Baharraff/Singh Contingency. The Rejectionist approach to a nuclear attack on d-humans, based on the principle that an attack is only ethically permissible in the event of an extinction threat to the Primal species.

Believers' Belt.   The area stretching from Morocco to Northern India where the Rejectionists are most active.

CARGI. The Class Action to Rectify Global Injustice, filed in 2052, which led to the 2063 nuclear explosion in Columbus, OH.

CONDUCTER. The "Cognitive Network Directing Ultimate Control through Electronic Relays" – the source of human consciousness mapped out by Dr. Julius Schumacher, for which he won his 2nd Nobel Prize.

D-Humans. A genetically enhanced human, comprising the majority of the world's population by the late 22nd century.

GALT. The Global Aggression Limitation Treaty of 2116, under which genetic optimization is required to subordinate the "aggression" and the "doctrinal belief" gene-sets.

GALT Enforcement. A UN military force dedicated to enforcing GALT throughout the world; the force fighting the Rejectionists.

The Great Global Wars. The greatest, most destructive world war in history, lasting 17 years from 2095 to 2112.

The Homeland Party. The dominant political party in the U.S., formed after the nuclear devastation of Columbus, Ohio.

The Humanists. A small group of Primals who believe that genetic optimization can destroy the human soul.

Isotope 909. The radioactive isotope to be released under PEPS which would partially sterilize all Primal women.

Isotope 919.   An isotope the Rejectionists believe is intended to be released in the Believers Belt, which will immediately make all Primal women completely sterile.

Neurography. The mapping of the human mind, permitting a graphic and verbal representation of thoughts.

NVRX.   Neurographic virtual reality experience: the late 22nd version of TV, incorporating all senses including thoughts.

PEPS. The Proposed Extinction of the Primal Species: a proposal under consideration at the United Nations in the late 22nd century.

The PEPS archive.   Documents relevant to Eusebio and the PEPS hearing that didn't make it into Eusebio's story known as Requiem of the Human Soul but have been released by UNAPS for publication on this web site.

Primals. Human beings who have remained unenhanced, the minority of the world's population in the late 22nd century.

The Rejectionists.  An organized group of d-humans who disagree so profoundly with the principles of GALT that they are engaged in an ongoing insurrection against their d-human leaders.

Toboism.   A brutal philosophy espoused by Zulu dictator General Tobo in the late 21st century, resulting in the horrific policy of "genetic cleansing".

UNAPS. The United Nations Authority on the Primal Species.

UNPRES. The United Nations Project for the Re-Establishment of Extinct Species, implemented in the early 22nd century.

Virtual Reality. The "killer app" of the late 22nd century.   It enables people to experience anything in the world or even in space, as though they're really there, while staying in the confines of their virtual reality cubicle

VRU. The Virtual Remote Unit, usually resembling a human form, that a person controls while experiencing virtual reality.

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