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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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GALT Enforcement is the name of the UN troops who enforce GALT around the world, fighting against the Rejectionists.



When GALT was signed in 2116, it was clear that it had to be monitored and enforced rigorously in order to work.   The signatories of GALT had to ensure that no nation ever feared that another nation was secretly planning to establish dominance through force, by creating a new generation of "genetic warriors", as happened in the late 21st century.   GALT Enforcement was thus given overriding power to ensure that every nation of the world complied with GALT.



As the Rejectionists formed a sustained resistance to GALT, it became clear to the UN that GALT Enforcement needed to be strengthened.   The combined powers of China, the U.S., Europe and all the other nation states of the world were joined together with the goal of obliterating the Rejectionists.  

The autonomous quasi-nations initially set up by the Rejectionists were brutally crushed.   Hundreds of thousands of believers – humans and d-human Rejectionists alike – fought to the death.   The world looked on approvingly.   After decades of the worst global devastation in human history, these "cleaning-up" operations were viewed as a minor, necessary evil to ensure the final elimination of war from the human experience.




In the late 22nd century, GALT Enforcement is the most powerful army in the world.   They use virtual remote units – VRUs - in battle.  

Every day, in dozens of human towns, the VRU soldiers swoop in, force the men, women and children outside their houses, and search everywhere, looking for access to the underground bunkers of the Rejectionists.  

If anyone resists them, they are authorized to shoot them to kill.


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