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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Early on in Requiem of the Human Soul, Eusebio is visited by Yusef, sent to him from the Rejectionists.

In the late 22nd century, most people view the Rejectionists as a threat to world peace and prosperity.

But the Rejectionists see it very differently.  In their view, they're the last bastions of the struggle for the human soul...


The Rejectionists are an organized group of d-humans who disagree so profoundly with the principles of GALT that they are engaged in an ongoing insurrection against their d-human leaders.

The Rejectionists are mostly, but not entirely, Muslims.  The Sikhs of India are closely allied with the Muslims in the Rejectionist movement, along with some Hindu sects.  

Geographically, the Rejectionists' area of influence is known as the "Believers' Belt", stretching from Morocco in the West North Africa, through the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the way to Kashmir in the East.


For the Rejectionists, while GALT's objectives seemed worthy, it came at a price that many would not accept – the ability to know God, the ability to remain human, to keep one's soul intact.   It was, in the view of the Rejectionists, a Faustian bargain.   The Rejectionists believed that there were alternative paths to worldwide peace rather than sacrificing man's contact with the infinite.  

GALT, in the view of the Rejectionists, presented a zero-sum game to the world: on one hand, you could have continual war and human suffering; on the other hand, you could have global peace only by giving up the spiritual experience of life that was the most important aspect of mankind's existence.  

The Rejectionists believe they offer a way out of that zero-sum game.   Their philosophical basis is that a religious, spiritual life is compatible with tolerance and respect for other beliefs and practices.


Rather than reject genetic optimization, the Rejectionists believe that a path exists to use genetic engineering to optimize the spiritual aspect of human beings, and that in doing so, tolerance and love for others would naturally follow.  

Yusef, describing the Rejectionists' approach to Eusebio, refers to one of Julius Schumacher's great analogies – the metaphor of the human soul as the music of an orchestra.  

Where Dr. Schumacher was right, Yusef explains, was that the standard d3-human optimization was equivalent to trying to make the violins of the orchestra less curved and the cellos lighter and more compact.   Just as this would destroy the music of the orchestra, so this type of genetic engineering destroyed the human soul.  

But, it's equally possible, Yusef declares, to approach genetic engineering from a completely different point of view.   Referring back to the orchestra metaphor, Yusef explains that Rejectionist genetic engineers are attempting to optimize a d3-human to make the orchestral music more beautiful – to keep the violin curves and the weight of the cello, but to make them as close to perfection as possible, thus enabling the orchestral music to reach the greatest heights imaginable.  

Essentially, Yusef explains, the goal of this genetic optimization is to permit the human soul to expand to its greatest potential, rather than to create the standardized, non-aggressive, non-extremist d3-human prescribed by GALT.

Yusef explains to Eusebio that the genetic engineering carried out by the Rejectionists is exploratory and lacks the resources and infrastructure available to nation states.   By necessity, the labs and clinics of the Rejectionists are literally underground.   The United Nations, backed by the forces of China, the U.S. and Europe, are on a continual mission to eliminate the Rejectionists entirely, and whenever they discover any element of Rejectionist activity, they immediately destroy it.   For this reason, the Rejectionist goal of creating a fully spiritually optimized d3 human is still a long way away.


Naomi Aramovich, a progressive d-human, but one who works within conventional structures of d-human society, expresses the standard view of the Rejectionists to Eusebio:

"The Rejectionists are not Primals; they're mostly d2 and d3 humans.   And what they're trying to do ultimately has nothing to do with Primals.   They're trying to undo the last seventy years of peace and progress in the world.   They're trying to take us back to the conflict and hate that consumed our world until this century.   Our society needs to do everything it can to stop them.   They are dangerous.   They'll stop at nothing – nothing – in trying to destroy our society, to undermine seventy years of global peace."



The Rejectionists consist mostly of d1 and d2 humans.   There are also some d3 humans in leadership positions in the Rejectionist group.  

Primals, while not officially Rejectionists, participate in a massive underground movement that support and protect the Rejectionists. The Rejectionists view the Primal Muslims in their countries as natural allies in their insurrection against their nations' leaders.

Yusef, a Primal supporting the Rejectionists, describes his position to Eusebio:

"I am with the Rejectionists.   Me and millions of humans like me.  We're the last refuge of free humanity in the world, where we can live lives that are not so degraded or so marginalized that they're barely worthy of the word.   Technically, I'm not a Rejectionist.   The Rejectionists are the d-humans who refused to go along with the GALT treaty.   They didn't want to be part of a mass destruction of the spiritual element of human existence.   Our human communities all through North Africa, the Middle East and South-western Asia are havens for the Rejectionists.   They're waging a battle against the destruction of human spirituality."




In the first decades after GALT was instituted, the Rejectionists were extensively organized and fought back against the notion of a universal human gene pool without the ability to know God.   They formed autonomous quasi-nations – a Sikh nation in the Punjab, Muslim nations in the Pakistan/Afghanistan frontier and in central Iran – and refused to genetically optimize their children in a manner consistent with GALT, subordinating the gene-sets for aggression and doctrinal belief.  

They attempted to negotiate with the United Nations, offering to subordinate the gene-set for aggression, while maintaining the importance of the doctrinal belief gene-set.   But the geneticists who had developed the methodology for GALT would not accept this position.   They were convinced, through multiple mass-behavioral studies, that either of these two gene-sets was sufficient to lead to the wars that had plagued human history and nearly destroyed humanity in the Great Global Wars.

That's when GALT Enforcement was created.   The combined power of China, the U.S., Europe and all the other nation states of the world, with the single goal of obliterating the Rejectionists.   The autonomous quasi-nations were brutally crushed.   Hundreds of thousands of believers – humans and d-human Rejectionists alike – fought to the death.  

The world looked on approvingly.   After decades of the worst global devastation in human history – the Great Global Wars - these "cleaning-up" operations were viewed as a minor, necessary evil to ensure the final elimination of war from the human experience.

After this, the Rejectionists who survived had no place to go but underground.   Literally.   GALT Enforcement would not rest until every Rejectionist was either dead or in captivity.  

Over the decades, with help from Primal communities that still clung to their faith, the Rejectionists built an underground environment, with tunnels leading all the way across North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.  

Some Rejectionists managed to remain undercover within d-human society, and helped to fund the Rejectionist cause.   For the rest, life was always difficult, dangerous and fraught with fear.   But their faith kept them going and gave them the courage to continue to fight the battle to know God.  

Over time, the Rejectionists have come to rely completely on their human compatriots, for food, for concealment and for communication.



Rejectionist ethics are different from some militant fundamentalist Muslim values of the early 21st century.   Yusef explains this to Eusebio:

"Eusebio, when I talk about our struggle, the struggle of the Rejectionists, there is a basic parameter in that struggle that you need to know.   All of our activities that strike against the d-human world are done with the goal of minimizing innocent human casualties – what the Americans like to call 'collateral damage'.  

"We strike against d-human political and military figures who spearhead the battle against us; we strike against military and technology installations that they use to attack the Rejectionists.   But every strike is done with the goal of avoiding civilian d-human casualties.   If someone is accidentally killed, we mourn for them.   The lives of innocent people, even d-humans, mean a great deal to us."

© 2010 Jeremy Lent. All Rights Reserved.

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