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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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The Rejectionists are the group that sent Yusef to Eusebio.   They got their name because they rejected GALT – the Global Aggression Limitation Treaty.  

GALT was meant to save the world from future wars by modifying the genetic structure of d-humans to reduce the influence of people's genes for aggression and doctrinal belief.  

But the Rejectionists believe that GALT does something else – eliminates the human soul, the ability for people to know God.


Yusef explains the Global Aggression Limitation Treaty to Eusebio:

"All countries agreed that genetic optimization should only be allowed which subordinated both the "aggression" and "doctrinal belief" gene-sets in the embryo.   The d-human society of the future would never again embark on the self-destruction that led to the Great Global Wars.  Of course, every nation had to agree to this treaty, enforced by the UN.   Otherwise, a rogue nation could secretly create a generation of warriors genetically equipped to conquer their less aggressive neighbors.

"It seemed like a worthy goal," Yusef explained, "but it came at a price that many could not accept – the ability to know God, the ability to remain human, to keep one's soul intact.   It was, Eusebio, a Faustian bargain.   You see, subordinating what they call the 'doctrinal belief'' gene set does the most terrible thing to a human being – it prevents him or her from ever truly knowing God, from being in touch with the infinite."  



Yusef tells Eusebio about the Rejectionists:

"Eusebio, I've been sent to you by the Rejectionists.   There are millions of humans like me who support them.   We're the last refuge of free humanity in the world.   The Rejectionists, Eusebio, are the d-humans who refuse to go along with the GALT treaty.    They're waging a battle to save the human soul.   And we help protect them."



The Rejectionists don't see the soul the same way as Julius Schumacher.   They don't believe the soul is necessarily destroyed by genetic engineering – only by the subordination of the genes for doctrinal belief.   In fact, the Rejectionists believe that   you can use genetic engineering to help people know God.

Here's how Yusef explained it to Eusebio:

"GALT, Yusef explained, had presented a zero-sum game to the world: on one hand, you could have continual war and human suffering; on the other hand, you could have global peace only by giving up the spiritual experience of life - the most important aspect of mankind's existence.    But the Rejectionists believed genetic engineering could optimize the spiritual aspect of human beings, and in doing so, tolerance and love for others would naturally follow."

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