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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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In the 2150's, two Rejectionist scholars, Dr. Ahmed Baharraff and Professor Rangar Singh, completed and circulated a rigorous historical, political and religious study on the use of the nuclear option in war.  

This has been the core of Rejectionist thinking ever since then.  

It permits the use of nuclear weapons only in the event that the extinction of the Primal race and the demise of the Rejectionists is imminent.

Which is exactly the situation when Eusebio's called to defend his race at the PEPS session...


The nuclear explosion studied in the most detail by Baharraff and Singh was the Columbus attack in 2063 by the Citizens Seeking Global Justice, the only example in history of a nuclear 'terrorist' attack, where a nuclear bomb is used by a group that's not an identified nation.

A formal study published by United Nations economists in the early 22nd century, in the aftermath of the Great Global Wars, analyzed the economic results of the settlement ordered by the International Court of Justice to resolve the Class Action to Rectify Global Injustice - CARGI.  

The United Nations report concluded that as a result of the trillions of dollars of international aid and increased investment in the developing world, along with the elimination of the trade barriers of the developed world, approximately twenty million lives were saved that would otherwise have been lost to disease and starvation, not counting the increased health and living standards for hundreds of millions of people.

In contrast to this, about one hundred thousand innocent lives were lost in the Columbus explosion.   This leads to a ratio of two hundred to one:  Two hundred lives saved in the developing world, for every life of a citizen of Columbus, Ohio.  

In spite of this ratio, Baharraff and Singh came to the conclusion, after a careful study of religious and philosophical texts spanning the continents and the millennia, that this ratio of lives ultimately was irrelevant.   They determined that it's not allowable, ethically, for human beings to seek out the role of 'playing God' and to proactively choose to take one or more lives to save other lives.  

The Citizens Seeking Global Justice proactively decided to murder a large number of people in order to try to improve conditions in the world.   In the Baharraff /Singh view, that's an ethical decision that can only be left in God's hands or one of his prophets.   So, Baharraff and Singh concluded that the Columbus nuclear explosion could not be endorsed, regardless of how many lives were saved.


Baharraff and Singh's work ended with the conclusion that there was only one situation where the use of the nuclear option in the Rejectionist struggle against the enforcement of GALT could be justified: where it became clear that the very survival of the Rejectionists and the human race was at stake.   The two are interdependent: the Rejectionists can't survive without the support of the humans.   And the humans need the expertise and the leadership of the Rejectionists to survive against the d-humans.

This has been a tenet of the Rejectionist struggle for the ensuing thirty years.   By the late 22nd century, with the PEPS proposal and the plan to use Isotope 919 to eliminate large parts of human society within a generation, it has become clear to the Rejectionists that this time has come.  

The very existence of the Primal race is at stake.   If the d-humans succeed, that will, in the view of the Rejectionists, be the end of the relationship between man and God.   The ability to know God, to touch the infinite, that has been with man since the earliest of times, will be over.   This, for the Rejectionists, is the only legitimate reason that allows them – indeed compels them – to use the nuclear option.

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