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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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The following is the ultimatum sent by the Citizens Seeking Global Justice to the American people after the detonation of the nuclear bomb in Columbus, Ohio in 2063:


"It is with heavy hearts and deep distress that the authors of this e-mail announce that a nuclear device has been detonated in downtown Columbus, Ohio.   The timing of this explosion was deliberately chosen to be on a national holiday, in order to minimize the casualties that would otherwise have been a multiple of the deaths caused by this nuclear device.

The group responsible for this nuclear explosion will heretofore be known as Citizens Seeking Global Justice.   We are a group of world citizens who have, sadly, arrived at the conclusion that the United States is a rogue state that will not participate in any global forum seeking peace and justice, and responds only to overriding force. 

Over one hundred years ago, President Harry Truman made the terrible decision to use nuclear force in order to end a world war that had cost tens of millions of lives.   The bomb that was detonated today in Columbus, Ohio was the same size as that used in Hiroshima, 15 kilotons.   This was, again, a deliberate decision to minimize the loss of lives.   Unlike the United States action in 1945, there will be no immediate follow-up with another nuclear explosion.

Instead, the Citizens Seeking Global Justice will wait for one year to see if the people of the United States will come to their reason and re-join the global order of nations.   It is a tragic irony that the last nuclear explosion used in war led to the creation, under American leadership, of the very global institutions and treaties that have paved the way for the possibility of future world peace and prosperity, and which the United States has unilaterally undermined.   Now, over one hundred years later, the Citizens Seeking Global Justice have come to the realization that only a similar show of force will bring the United States back into the fold of global justice.

It took the shock of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to put an end to Japan's militaristic tradition and create a nation devoted to succeeding in the world using peaceful and constructive approaches.   The Citizens Seeking Global Justice pray that the American people will respond to this warning with an equal amount of grace.

We are not associated with any nation state, nor with any organization that currently exists.   However, we know that our actions will have the support of the majority of the world, just as the American decision to use nuclear power had the support of the world in 1945.  

We therefore issue this plea and ultimatum to the American people.   We ask that the United States of America reverse its decision not to recognize the Class Action to Rectify Global Injustice, or CARGI.   We ask that the American people once again take up the mantle of freedom, justice and fairness, on which this great country was founded, and engage with the rest of the world on equal terms.   We do not ask anything else from the United States.   Nor do we presume to prejudge the results of the CARGI.   Indeed, we expect the United States to fight vigorously and fairly to defend itself according to the rules of international justice.   If the International Court freely determines that the U.S. and its multinational corporations are innocent of all charges, we will accept that decision.

However, we will not accept the American position that they are above world justice.   If, one year from now, the United States has continued to refuse to participate with the CARGI proceedings of the International Court of Justice, there will be a much greater nuclear explosion in one of the major urban centers of the United States.   Casualties will be at least ten times greater than from the explosion occurring today in Columbus, Ohio.   The nuclear devices are already in place, and they will not be found by any detectors utilized by the U.S. Department for Homeland Security.

People of the great United States of America – we grieve with your losses today.   They are as necessary as were those of the innocent Japanese in Hiroshima.   We pray that you do not permit your leaders to bring you to further destruction one year from now.

- Citizens Seeking Global Justice."   

© 2010 Jeremy Lent. All Rights Reserved.

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