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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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The Proposed Extinction of the Primal Species (PEPS) was what brought Eusebio to the United Nations building in New York.

It's the background to the action in Requiem of the Human Soul.  Here's what it's all about...


The Proposed Extinction of the Primal Species is a proposal under consideration at the United Nations in the late 22nd century to deal with the "Primal Question" by gradually making the Primals extinct.  

The plan would cause no harm to any Primals.   A radioactive isotope would be released which would permit each Primal woman to give birth to one child, resulting in a gradual decrease in Primal demographics over multiple generations .

PEPS has won widespread d-human support because of its perceived humanity and decency in delivering a final solution to the Primal question.  


Under PEPS, a radioactive isotope, Isotope 909, would be released into the Earth's atmosphere.   It affects the reproductive systems of Primal women, but not d-humans.  

Any Primal woman who has given birth at least once would become sterile.   Primal women who have not yet given birth would remain fertile for one birth, after which their reproductive system would also be sterile.


PEPS would lead to a gradual reduction in Primal population over multiple generations.

D-human demographic experts have projected that the number of Primals in each new generation would be 38 per cent of the prior generation.   This projection takes into account all demographic variables including infant mortality, life expectancy, natural sterility, etcetera.  

Within eight generations, Primals are projected to number approximately one million.   Another four generations, and there will be no more than about twenty-five thousand Primals left on this earth.



Once the number of Primals has reached approximately twenty-five thousand – about twelve generations - cloning techniques would be used to keep the Primal population stable.  

The remaining Primals would be safely enclosed within reservations set up for their benefit.

A highly diversified Primal gene bank would be maintained, similar to that of other mammals previously made extinct in the 21st century by Primal global mismanagement.



A small group of Primal Rights activists – of which Naomi Aramovich is a member – has been fighting a rearguard action to try to prevent the implementation of PEPS. They have used all the arguments they could muster, but they have lost each legal and political battle, and the PEPS hearing, in which Eusebio Franklin is the Primal witness, is their last effort to stop PEPS.


Harry Shields , a proponent of PEPS, makes a powerful argument for the benefit of PEPS during the hearing.   Here are his words:

"Our PEPS proposal doesn't envisage harming a single Primal.   There are not going to be any Primal children watching their mother get shot in front of them and then dying from starvation because their mother's milk is no longer available to them.   That's how most tiger cubs died.  

No Primal will be hurt and certainly no Primal will be killed as a result of our proposal.   We are merely envisaging a gradual reduction in the Primal race over generations, allowing time for the world to adjust to the demographic changes, and permitting all Primals to live out their lives to their natural conclusion.  

And our PEPS proposal is honest and legitimate.   We're going through due process to arrive at the best plan for our world.   We're not acting like the Primals of the twenty-first century, saying one thing in the United Nations and other international forums, while permitting the exact opposite to happen in the real world."


Most Primals in the last 22nd century live in appalling conditions.   Harry Shields argues that PEPS will lead rapidly to significant improvement in their living conditions:

"I will state for the record that, in my opinion, the PEPS proposal is the most humane and civilized approach to eliminate the appalling Primal problem from the world.   There will be an immediate benefit to the Primal communities within a generation, as their numbers begin to decline, permitting them to allocate their limited resources among themselves more generously.  No Primal will ever be harmed by the proposal.  

Every Primal will have the opportunity to enjoy the delights of childbirth and the creation of a new generation.   The number of Primals will simply become smaller over time, until the problem is no longer out of control."

"The PEPS proposal is in the best interest of all: the Primals themselves, our d-human society, and the world at large.   The Primals cannot manage their lives properly.   It's in their genes.   The only way to erase the misery of their existence is for their numbers to decrease until they can be managed responsibly in reservations."

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