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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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In the late 22nd century, it's UNAPS, a United Nations agency, which controls the fate of the Primals.

Here's the lowdown on UNAPS...


The United Nations Authority on the Primal Species (UNAPS) is an international body given authority by the world's nation states to set global policy on the relationship between the d-humans and the Primal species.

UNAPS was set up in 2118, after the Great Global Wars.   Its functions are threefold –

  - a humanitarian function to give aid and assistance to the Primals, to improve the quality of Primal lives and encourage genetic optimization for succeeding generations;
  - a policing function, to maintain control in Primal communities and keep the worldwide Primal species from interfering inappropriately with d-human society; and
  - a policy function, to establish and amend global policies on the Primal question, so that the world can act in a concerted fashion with respect to the Primals, "ensuring a consistent approach blending humanitarian kindness with appropriate controls".


The UNAPS agency reports directly to the Chairman of the United Nations Governing Council.


[Read an excerpt from a speech given in 2117 by Juan José Gonzalez, the newly-appointed Chairman of the United Nations Governing Council, about the setting up of UNAPS.]




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