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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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The Rejectionists believe that the d-humans have a secret plan to administer Isotope 919 to Primals in the Believers' Belt.  

Isotope 919 differs from Isotope 909 in that it immediately sterilizes Primal women.


This is how Yusef explains Isotope 919 to Eusebio:

Yusef finally stopped and took a deep breath.   "Did Naomi happen to tell you about Isotope 919?" he asked me.

"Isotope 919," I responded.   "You mean what they plan to use to sterilize human women after they've had one birth?"

"No," he replied.   "That's Isotope 909.   Isotope 919 is much simpler.   It immediately sterilizes human women.   What Naomi didn't tell you is that the d-humans, those civilized, dispassionate officers of the UN, plan to use Isotope 909 on most of the humans in the world, but in the regions where Rejectionists are hiding out among humans – what they call the 'Believers Belt' - they're going to use Isotope 919.   Within a generation, the last free region of human beings will be completely eliminated, a deserted wasteland."

"Why?" I asked, although I had already guessed the answer.

Yusef sighed.   "There's so much you don't know, Eusebio, and so little time to explain.   The Rejectionists are the people the d-humans fear the most.   They have access to Middle Eastern wealth that can buy weapons to fight GALT.   They can mingle in d-human society and not be noticed.   And with the support of millions of us humans, they have a potential army that could take power from the d-humans that rule our countries.

"In fact," Yusef continued, "some of us believe that destroying the Rejectionists is the real reason for the PEPS proposal.   They want to dress it up with their sanitized long-term planning, gradually eliminating the so-called Primals, so they can win global support for what they're doing.   Then, when nobody's looking, the military in the Believers Belt will substitute Isotope 919 for 909.   No-one will know for months.  By then, it's too late."


Naomi, on the other hand, explains to Eusebio that Isotope 919 is a myth:

 "These people are out of control.   They are fanatics.   They will stop at nothing to try to undermine progress and law."   Naomi snorted derisively.   "This Isotope 919 nonsense.   It's a myth.   It's exactly the kind of thing these fanatics come up with to try to get more misguided humans to fight and die for their cause.   I've heard the myth before, a few years ago.   Our group even researched it a few years back to see if there was anything to it, and we came up with nothing.   It's nonsense."  












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