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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Here's how Eusebio describes the PEPS proposal:

"They weren't going to kill any of us with their PEPS proposal.   D-human society is too civilized for that.   No ugly killings, no massacres, none of the horrific atrocities our Primal race has blotted all through its sordid history.   It's a clean, humane extinction plan.   A radioactive compound called Isotope 909.   Once released, it will partially sterilize the ovaries of all Primal women around the world, but have no effect whatsoever on d-human women.   Partially sterilize.   Because any Primal woman who hasn't yet had a child will still be able to give birth once.   Just once.    

"So the Primal species will just gradually fade away.   It's a bland euthanasia, painless and victimless, that creates a final solution to what they call the "Primal Question".    Once we're down to about twenty-five thousand, roughly twelve generations from now, they won't let us disappear entirely.   They'll use cloning techniques to keep our population stable.   And they'll keep the remaining Primals safely enclosed in reservations."  


How can the d-humans get away with this?   Isn't it genocide… the very thing the United Nations is meant to help protect against?

Well, the problem is, the d-humans view us Primals as legally a different species.   Genetically, they argue that Primal DNA is closer to that of a chimpanzee than a d-human.   That's why they sometimes call us "chimps".  

It's not just the DNA that makes us a different species.   Modern science defines a "species" as a group that naturally has intercourse together, to create more of the species.   But no d-human would ever dream of having intercourse with a Primal.   That creates what biologists called "speciation" – when two groups evolve away from each other to such a degree that there's no going back.   By the late 22nd century, our human race has speciated into Primals and d-humans.   And as far as the d-humans are concerned, that's one species too many.

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