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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Jessica Goodrich and Brian Chang created the Humanist community along the lines Dr. Julius Schumacher had envisaged in his book, On Being Human.  Central to their approach was the belief that the Humanists needed to remain in touch with the spirits of the earth's indigenous cultures which, by the mid-21st century, were all but extinct.

One of Jessica's approaches was to fill the Humanist community with indigenous artifacts from around the world.






Jessica implemented the proposals in Julius' book, On Being Human, quite literally.  

She profoundly believed in the emphasis Julius had placed on celebrating primitive cultures, and trying to keep their flames burning.  

She organized a team to travel the globe, purchasing the finest artifacts still to be found from these cultures.  

Over time, she built one of the world's finest collections of Dogon African masks; Kalimantan masks from Borneo; African wood carvings from the Dan, Kuba , Baule and Yoruba tribes; beautifully carved Torajan doors; wooden shields from Papua; Ikat weavings; African kuba cloth; huipils from Guatemala; weavings from Bolivia and Peru; woven baskets from Laos, Tonga and Java; Molas from the San Blas Islands of Panama; and Sepik River bark paintings from New Guinea – to name but a few of the various collections that became an integral part of the Humanist communities.  

Jessica believed that these collections would give inspiration to future generations of Humanists, something to touch, to feel and experience, as they sought to maintain their commitment to the original manifestations of the human soul.

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