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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Jessica Goodrich seemed to know what she was doing when she built the Humanist community. 
If she wanted to keep the Humanists hermetically sealed from the rest of modern society, she certainly found the way.  Here's how...


Jessica's decision not to participate in InfoCore changed the character of Humanist society.   But, above all, it isolated the Humanists from the rest of the world.   In the early years, one wag in Tuckers Corner re-named InfoCore as InfoCurtain, and the name stuck.   An information curtain had come down around Tuckers Corner, and separated the community from the rest of American society.  

In later generations, a theory arose that Jessica Goodrich and the other early Humanist leaders had perhaps been motivated by another agenda in their decision to isolate themselves from InfoCore .  

Perhaps they knew that it would turn into an InfoCurtain and desired just that.   They were determined that the uniqueness of the Humanists would not be assimilated into modern society.   But how would this be achieved?   How could they prevent a new generation from being attracted to the freedoms and choices of the society around them?   They studied the fate of other alternative communities in recent history, such as the kibbutz movement in Israel, and they saw how difficult it was to maintain the original vision of the founding generations.  

Perhaps, InfoCore had presented a golden opportunity to them.   Here was an external force that could provide Tuckers Corner and the other Humanist communities – at least in the United States – with an impenetrable moat protecting their younger generations from the temptations of modern society.   If their children never learned about the society around them, they would never have the desire to leave Tuckers Corner and join that modern world.  

If, in fact, this was the secret goal of Jessica Goodrich and the early leaders of Tuckers Corner, then they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.   As the decades passed, and the modern world became increasingly oriented around digitized communication in every form of human activity, Tuckers Corner became ever more isolated from the rest of the world.  

The early Humanists lost Internet access when the last access provider converted to the InfoCore protocol.   As the decades passed, they lost access to all forms of satellite and cable communication, so that television, news, and any other form of real-time, digital communication passed us by.  


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