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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Julius Schumacher proposed in his book, On Being Human, that a modern Humanist society could keep alive the flame of the human spirit by using the ancient learnings of primitive cultures as its fuel.  

The culture of the Humanists needed to be built around the mysteries and meanings of the ancient cultures that, by that time, had all but died out from the earth.

the soul connected with the earth

Here, in an extract from an interview which can't be found in Requiem of the Human Soul , Eusebio tells us what he and his fellow Humanists believe:

"We believe that there is a fundamental connection between the human soul and the Earth on which we have evolved.  

"We think that the early human societies that took root around the world were in harmony with this relationship – the Aboriginals and Maori of the Australian continent, the American Indians of our own continent, and the neighboring Mayans, Incas and Aztecs ... And thousands more tribes and societies that we've documented and studied.  

"We don't idealize these societies and we're highly aware of their shortcomings: their primitive technologies, their diseases and their limited scientific understanding of the world around them.  

"But we believe that one thing unified these societies through the vast physical and temporal distances that separated them: their spiritual connection with the sacred nature of the Earth in which they lived.  

"We hold a belief that their human souls were nurtured and enriched by the Earth, and that their religious rites were a conduit for the Earth to instill its energy into their beings."

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