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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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For Harry Shields, the d-human prosecutor arguing for PEPS – the Proposal for the Extinction of the Primal Species – it's all very clear.  

If the Primals really did have a soul that distinguished them from the d-humans, that soul existed in the indigenous peoples of the world.   The very same people that the Primals themselves wiped out over the centuries of Western colonialism.


It's Harry who takes the session on the virtual reality experiences of Reflecting Water and Warrigal Killara, after which he gets to make his sweeping statements of Primal guilt:

"Now, I would like to refer back to our earlier discussion of the human soul.   Which soul is it, exactly, that the PEPS proposal would be eliminating?   The soul of those brave white men who destroyed the American Indians, mutilating their corpses?   Or the soul of the indigenous people?   Because, if it's the latter, it seems the Primals have already done a damn good job of eliminating it already.   And if it's the former… well, please explain to me what's worth saving."

"Once again, Counsel Aramovich, I fail to understand how you can use any argument in defense of the Primals that relates to the specialness of their soul.   I think we've established beyond a reasonable doubt that the Primals themselves had already done a magnificent job of eliminating anything special and sacred from those ethnic groups around the world that had maintained a link to the early forms of human consciousness."

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