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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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The Humanists celebrate the indigenous cultures long dead on their Ancestor Days.

But on these days, they get even closer to the ancient spirits of the past by partaking of the Spirit Broth...


At lunchtime on each Ancestor Day, the community partakes of a meal prepared by the "host" group, based special foods of the culture that's being celebrated.  

But there's more to this meal than the food.   Every adult in the community is also given a mouthful of a broth that contains a carefully formulated mixture of hallucinogenic plants.   This potion, known as the "Spirit Broth", helps the community to open their minds to the spirituality of the culture being celebrated, and for a few hours, to become, as much as possible, infused with the essential elements of the true meaning of the culture's traditions.

 "Spirit Broth" was proposed by Julius Schumacher in his book, On Being Human. Dr. Schumacher's years of neurographic research had led him to understand the workings of the human mind.   While Dr. Schumacher was mapping out the CONDUCTER and demonstrating the imbalance in the human psyche caused by the dominance of the prefrontal cortex, he also spent years testing the impact of different so-called "hallucinogenic" drugs on the CONDUCTER.  

He discovered which hallucinogens were active in blocking the neural pathways through which the prefrontal cortex maintained its dominance over the human consciousness.  

With this discovery in hand, Dr. Schumacher formulated a compound of hallucinogens that blocked each of the myriad prefrontal pathways simultaneously, permitting the animate areas of consciousness to enjoy a temporary but complete dominance of the psyche.

[Picture: PEYOTE DREAMING by Yvon Mounier.]

incantations of the ancient spirits

As the afternoon of an Ancestor Day progresses, a subtle transformation gradually takes over the community.  

By this time, the community would have broken up into smaller groups.   Different "host" groups would be leading various activities through the afternoon and evening.  

Some would tell the stories that had been handed down by the ancient tribes through the generations, in both the original language and translated into English.   Others would play the music of the culture being celebrated.   Still others would exhibit the artifacts of the culture, and demonstrate how they were crafted.  

As the evening draws on, there would be events around a bonfire, and some of the "host" group would begin chanting incantations to the ancient spirits.   By this time, the Spirit Broth would be in full force, and people from the entire community would find themselves dancing around the fire and joining in the incantations, which had previously meant nothing other than foreign-sounding words, but now instilled in them the very heartbeat and eternal existence of the spirits of the ancient peoples who had once walked on this earth.

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