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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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Eusebio grew up learning in Tuckers Corner that, before the prefrontal cortex carried out its coup, the human consciousness was more in balance.  

On the first day of the PEPS hearing, here's his answer to a question Naomi posed him:

human consciousness in harmony 

NAOMI: "And how, in Dr. Schumacher's view, is the soul most fulfilled?"

EUSEBIO: "When human consciousness is in harmony."

NAOMI: "And, looking back in history, where did Dr. Schumacher believe that this harmony occurred?"

EUSEBIO: "In the traditional tribes of the world, where the prefrontal cortex was still in balance with the rest of human consciousness; where it hadn't achieved its control over the CONDUCTER."

But this was an easy "softball" question from Naomi, who was on his side.  

When Harry Shields, the prosecutor, gets going, his goal is to make Eusebio and his beliefs look ridiculous.   After Eusebio's spent hours talking about the beliefs of the Australian aboriginals, Harry Shields makes them look ridiculous by Western standards.

This gets Eusebio really angry, and here's the reason why:

"Now, when Harry Shields said this to me, he was attacking the very essence of my existence.   He was undermining the reality that keeps me alive from one day to the next.  

Something Dr. Schumacher explained in his book, On Being Human, is the very special nature of aboriginal beliefs.   Their understanding of the world arose in an era when human beings were part of the earth from which we've evolved. An era before agriculture, when the human species had not yet begun to separate itself from its world.

Their knowledge, passed down from one generation to the next, is the closest thing we have to an original human consciousness.   It represents an understanding of our place in the universe from a time many thousands of years before any of the world's major religions were conceived.  

Because of Australia's isolation, this understanding could thrive and remain completely untouched by the coup of the prefrontal cortexthat eventually took place in what is now known as the "cradle of civilization".

The prefrontal cortex couldn't allow stories of spirits to co-exist with it.  That would subvert its drive to dominance.   The spirits had to be banished, and replaced by abstractions that originated only in the higher level of consciousness – the concept of monotheism, later supplanted by the concept of the scientific method.  

This coup never took place in the consciousness of Australia's aboriginal population.   The prefrontal cortex remained in balance.   And the knowledge of the Dreamtime remained unbroken."


[Read how the prefrontal cortex established totalitarian control over the rest of our consciousness]

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