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Requiem of the Human Soul, by Jeremy Lent
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In the PEPS hearing, Harry Shields and Eusebio are duelling about whether the Primals should be made extinct.  The argument for their continued existence lies in the special nature of the Primal - the human - soul, which found its fullest expression in ancient, indigenous cultures.

Harry tries to ridicule indigenous beliefs by comparing them with scientific fact.  In one session, he's focused on the beliefs of the Australian aboriginals, and has Eusebio on the ropes.

Eusebio's response - inspired by the teachings of Julius Schumacher, highlights the totalitarian control the prefrontal cortex has taken over our modern consciousness.  Read about it below...

"nothing is nothing"

Harry keeps trying to make Eusebio look ridiculous by focusing on the Aboriginal beliefs.   After Eusebio narrates an Aboriginal legend regarding the creation of boulders around Ayers Rock, Harry goes on the offence:

"So, there are these rocks in the earth.   Now, you can't be seriously trying to tell me that the geologists are wrong, and the rocks are anything other than remnants of geological transformations.   Please, Eusebio, you're under oath and I'm asking you to give me your serious answer."

Here's how Eusebio answers Harry, relying on everything he learned from Dr. Schumacher's theory of the prefrontal cortex:

'"Nothing is nothing," I spoke solemnly.  

Both Harry and Naomi looked up, surprised.

"There are no things in this world that have no meaning," I continued.   "There is no one animal, human, bird, mountain or river that knows everything.   The purpose of much that exists will be known to some but will remain obscure to others."

I was quoting what I'd heard from my friends who had steeped themselves in the Dreamtime.   But I was also remembering another lesson from my classes on Dr. Schumacher.

"You see, Harry, your very question betrays an underlying belief about knowledge.   There is not necessarily such a thing as a universal truth.   Something can have multiple meanings and multiple forms of existence all at the same time.   That's something the aboriginal people understood, but you completely fail to.   But it's not your fault, Harry.   You're just a product of your culture."

I was enjoying myself now.   I thanked Julius Schumacher for his smarts – there was no way I could handle this attack from Harry Shields without him.'

totalitarian control

'"You see, Harry," I continued, "when the prefrontal cortex pulled off its coup and took control of the human consciousness, it wanted absolute control.   It couldn't stand the idea of multiple aspects of consciousness, each with its own validity.   Then, it wouldn't have control.   Then consciousness would be more like a democracy.  

"No, it needed totalitarian control.   It had to ridicule and marginalize all other forms of knowledge.  

"At first, it used monotheism for that.   "There is no other God than the Lord" and all that stuff from the Old Testament.  Destroy the idols.   With Christianity, the prefrontal cortex had a field day.   Burn the heretics at the stake for thinking other thoughts about reality.   Destroy Galileo if he dared to tell the Inquisition that the earth revolved around the sun.  

"But, science proved too powerful, so the prefrontal cortex changed its allegiance to the scientific method.   Ridicule all other approaches to reality. Make them irrelevant and foolish.

"Above all, don't ever allow the mind to touch the idea that there might be multiple versions of reality, and that for each of us, in the words of the aboriginal wise men, 'The purpose of much that exists will be known to some but will remain obscure to others.   There are no things in this world that have no meaning.'"'

[Picture: Giordano Bruno Burning, by Andre Duran (2000)]


[Read about the stages of power achieved by the prefrontal cortex on its path to total conquest of our human consciousness]

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